Tuesday, 12 October 2010

My Dancing Photography is coming on leaps and bounds!

I had a lovely shoot last week photographing for ' Three Counties Youth Ballet' in Hertfordshire. With the beauty of internet re-union sites, I happened to come across Michelle Styler who went to the same dance school as me when I was younger whom happens to live not so far from me in Essex. Subsequently she had also met up with another lady who also went to the same dance school and together they came up with a wonderful idea to bring back 'Three Counties Youth Ballet' which was originally created by Sharon Shakespeare.
Three Counties Youth Ballet goal is to give a new generation of young talented dancers an amazing performance experience.
I look so forward to coming and seeing the performance in April 2011. I wish all involved the very best of luck.
Being an ex dancer I am aware of the right lines when it comes to dance as well as noticing if someone isn't turned out or pointing their toes to their full potential. Therefore with this back ground I am finding myself obtaining a great deal of work photographing dance/model head and shoulder shots which is wonderful as I feel at home. Dance will always be in my blood!
I am looking forward to attending the 'All England Dance Festival' in Hounslow in November.
For more information or to book a shoot with me please contact info@melindawhiting.co.uk


  1. You can tell it is still in your blood - the photos are great .Steph x

  2. Ooooh, these are some beautiful shots shots! My favorite is the monochrome tutu skirt, the one on top. The post-process is neatly done, very admirable, indeed. This proves that dancers will never be dull photography subjects. :)